About Barry

Barry has been writing and editing more or less constantly since childhood, sometimes in a professional capacity, sometimes for pleasure.

Barry’s writing is focused on how people live, and how the environment around them influences their choices. With a special focus on development and municipal government this invariably leads to discussion of housing and transportation. Barry also writes about technology and dogs, both from an end-user perspective and on a more philosophical level.

Barry is primarily known for his work over twenty years in the non-profit sector. During that time he worked primarily (but not exclusively) with Arts and Media organizations as a volunteer, Board Member, Staff, and in various consulting capacities. During those years he wrote for and edited publications for non-profit broadcasters, web sites for arts groups, and training materials for clients and from time to time was published in various newspapers and magazines.

2017 marked a focused return to writing as a primary activity.  This is especially true now as Barry has relocated to France from Canada.  And then from France to Nova Scotia.

Contact Barry at Barry@appalbarry.com or 902-600-9750.

A full resume can be found at LinkedIn. You can also follow him on BlueSky a tool more recreational than professional,  and at Three Squirrels in a Pressure Cooker, a blog documenting the move to France and Nova Scotia.

Mailing address

34 Lighthouse Rd
Western Head NS
B0T 1K0

“Appalbarry” is the screen name used by Barry in many places on the Internet dating back to the early days of MSN and AOL chat clients.  Somehow the attachment to Kentucky never goes away.